Using New Mexico’s Well Water

Well water varies greatly. While there may be certain patterns in areas (Corrales, Well Water Systems AlbuquerquePlacitas, East Mountain, etc.) your well water could be very different from a neighbor’s. The fact that it is well water doesn’t make it unsafe, but individualized testing is a must. Potability tests are required and other tests recommended. SODECO does some basic testing for free.

Why Does Well Water Need Purification?

Maybe it doesn’t, but that would be rare. The most common problems we find, other than hardness, are manganese, iron and high TDS. Odor problems have several possible causes. In most cases, well water treatment is similar to municipal water, with maybe an extra step involved. Usually even difficult problems can be solved, although at extra cost. It all starts with testing your water and we can help with that.

Purification for Home Water

Common solutions for well water involve filters, softeners and reverse osmosis. Now, new technology such as oxydizers can solve more challenging problems with ease. No more green sand filters when we can pull oxygen directly from the air! Enhanced reverse osmosis units can purify drinking water in even more difficult conditions.

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