The Benefit of Water Filters for Albuquerque

Whether your water comes from a utility, or you have your own well, your water can have a bad taste from contaminants. A filter can remove particulates much smaller than you can see, and specialized filters can even remove problems like toxins or nitrates. SODECO offers a variety of water filters that can give your household the best-tasting water possible.

How Do Water Filters Work?

waterfilters Water Filtersfor Albuquerque's Hard Water ProblemsPhysical water filters are simple—water is forced through a matrix of some sort, such as a very fine fiber membrane. This filter is meshed to hold back particulates but the liquid is able to flow through. Pouring water through a coffee filter might strain out coffee grounds, but it won’t be able to affect smaller particulates or dissolved molecules that could be contaminating your water.

Utilizing filters such as reverse osmosis or activated carbon allows much smaller materials to be separated out. Ion-exchange systems are used for water softening as they remove the calcifying minerals and exchange them for sodium or potassium ions that don’t affect plumbing or appliances.

Do I Need a Water Filter?

If you’ve detected an unpleasant taste in your water, are worried about
contaminants or prefer soft to hard water, a water filtering system may be right for you. SODECO tries to match every customer with exactly what they need and saves you the trouble of dealing with a sales pitch for something you don’t want.

Our technicians will test your water, examine your plumbing and give you a quote on the water filtering system that would meet your family’s needs. If you have questions, please ask! We believe that informed customers are able to make the right decisions for them. And if you want to ask around, we encourage you to do so. You can always contact us for any information and if you need repair or maintenance on a filter system, we’re ready to help.



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