What Water Purification Can Do for Albuquerque

Most water isn’t just pure hydrogen and oxygen. Contaminants end up in every glass of drinking water. The majority of these are harmless, just like the microscopic bits of dust in the air we breathe. But others can be harmful and need to be filtered out to purify the water for consumption. SODECO provides water purification systems that you can use to keep your household water clean and delicious.

What Types of Products Are There?

We have everything from simple carbon filters to laboratory level deionization systems. There are filters of various types, membranes, softeners, oxydizers, ozonators, chemical feed systems and disinfectors. In many cases, people don’t really know what they need, and have trouble sorting through the large amount of information out there.

At SODECO, we try to analyze the problem and help you understand your choices. We find the main thing our customers want is information, not a sales pitch. So we provide just the facts.Water Purification Treatment Repair and Parts Albuquerque

Expert Help in Choosing What’s Right for You

Water purification isn’t the same as water softening—you can soften water

without filtering it and filter it without softening it. The choice of water purification or filtering systems that you make depends on the conditions of your inbound water and what’s best for you and your family. SODECO provides the information you need to make an educated decision, and we won’t push you with fast-paced sales pitches.

Our technicians will test your water, examine your plumbing setup and give you a quote. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. And we provide complete expert installation to ensure that you have full functionality immediately. We also offer maintenance and we’ll even teach you the safe DIY maintenance you can do yourself to get the most out of your water purification investment. Contact us today to begin!



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