1. Why is SODECO the best place to get water treatment equipment?

SODECO is your local water expert, with 30 years of experience serving the Albuquerque area. We specialize in water-related products, offering only the best quality systems and service. And we care about our customers. We’ll install only what you need, at a great price and expertly installed. We’re members of the Better Business Bureau, the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico, and the Water Quality Association.

Most other places that offer water treatment equipment fall into these categories:

  • Home centers offer mediocre equipment that may or may not fit your needs. While home centers may be the cheapest way to go on the front end, in the long run, cheaper isn’t better. Consider also that inexperienced people often do the installation, and that it’s difficult to get good advice or service after purchase.
  • Franchises with well-known names often have good equipment, but are locked into selling their particular brands. The main expertise is at a faraway office and you pay a premium for the name and any parts or supplies you need later.
  • Telemarketers usually sell decent equipment, but you pay way too much. Often, they get your name from a “free water test,” or big prize sign-up at a home show. A nice person will set up an appointment at your home, then a hard-sell “closer” will visit to push you to buy at inflated prices.
  • Plumbers don’t usually specialize in water treatment equipment. They rarely even test your water first and then install one-size-fits-all equipment. There is no follow-up or anyone to call with questions or problems down the road.

2. Do your softeners use salt?

They can, but SODECO recommends potassium crystals instead. Both potassium and regular softener salt are effective at ion exchange, but there are three main advantages to potassium:

  • Many plants like potassium, not sodium;
  • Some people are concerned about their sodium intake;
  • The potassium is very pure and good for long-term operation of your softener.

3. Can I drink soft water?

Yes. There is no need to isolate the softened water for your kitchen. If you are concerned about extreme purity of your drinking water, consider a reverse osmosis system. SODECO’s home softeners include a pre-filter, so even without an R.O. system, the purity of the water in your whole house is improved.

4. What maintenance will my water softener need?

You’ll need to check the potassium level about once a month and add more if needed. The pre-filter requires changing about every 6 months. SODECO can help you determine how often your system needs maintenance.

5. How about my reverse osmosis system?

The filters of your R.O. system should be changed periodically, usually once a year. How often will depend on your water’s condition and the amount of water you filter. The R.O. membrane normally lasts about 5 years. Also, you should open your R.O. faucet to let the tank drain about once a month. SODECO can help you determine how often your system needs maintenance.

6. Does a reverse osmosis system waste a lot of water to make pure water?

SODECO’s systems send about 2 gallons to the drain for every gallon of pure water. But consider these facts:

  • Most homes use only 1-2 gallons of R.O. water per day, so the total amount of water used is still small.
  • Think about the energy and water used to produce, distribute and bring bottled water to your home.
  • For homes on a city water system, the drained water is recovered at the treatment plant. It isn’t really wasted at all, but recycled!

7. Where can I get replacement filters?

SODECO carries a full line of replacement filters for your reverse osmosis system and replacement pre-filter cartridges for your water softeners purchased from us. Our trained service technicians can replace them, or you can do it yourself. Just stop by or give us a call. We can ship your replacement filters via UPS for home or office delivery.

In many cases, SODECO uses standard sized filters that can be found at major home center stores. Though the quality of these filters is usually good, you can feel confident that when you purchase your filters through SODECO, the quality is excellent.

8. Can I change the filters myself?

Yes, in fact, changing the pre-filter on your softener is quite easy and should be done regularly to ensure that your system is working efficiently. Changing the RO filters can be more involved, but a moderately handy person can do it. Of course, SODECO will be happy to change your filters for you on a regular basis, for a service charge of $110. Many customers pay us to change the filters the first time, watching the technician so that they can do it themselves later.

9. Can I hook up the reverse osmosis water filter to my icemaker?

It depends. Can you get a water line (not copper) from the R. O. unit to the icemaker? If the refrigerator is on the same wall, you can probably do it. Call us to clarify whether your particular setup allows connecting your R.O. system to your icemaker, or any other remote location.

10. How much does it cost?

SODECO customizes each water treatment and reverse osmosis system for each residential or commercial installation. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your specific needs and quote you our best price. The most common cost for a complete softener setup with extras, installed, is $2590; for an R.O. system, $785.00.

11. What ongoing costs will there be?

For water softeners, you’ll need to periodically add potassium or regular salt. Potassium costs about $28 per bag. Regular salt is about $7 per bag. An average home with 8 grain water will use about 1/2 bag a month.

The R.O. system needs its 4 filters changed once a year. The 4 filters together cost $36. You’ll need a new membrane about every 5 years which costs $56. If Sodeco does this for you, add $110 for the service call.

But remember, the savings you’ll gain by using less detergent, soaps and lotions, and forgoing bottled water purchases. Add in the long-term benefit to your appliances, clothes, plumbing, fixtures and glass, and these savings greatly offset the minimal costs of having a softener or R.O.

12. Can you service or repair equipment that didn’t come from SODECO?

Usually, we can. Please call us to discuss your specific equipment.

13. What’s the next step?

Call us or stop by to arrange for a no cost estimate. Our technicians will test your water, examine your plumbing and give you a quote. SODECO does not have commissioned sales people, so you won’t get a hard sell! Stop by to see what the actual equipment is like, pick up literature and ask all the questions you like. Remember to bring a sample of your water to test.