What Is Hard Water?

New Mexico tends to have extremely hard water. But it’s still liquid when you pour it into your glass, so what does the term ‘hard water’ even mean? And why would you need the help of a company like SODECO to soften your water?

Hard Water Has Minerals

Water doesn’t like to be pure. It is a solvent and wants to dissolve other substances into it. Once they are dissolved (in solution) they can’t be taken out with a regular filter. While hard water isn’t a health concern, it causes many problems with plumbing and cleaning, including you, your clothes, dishes and home. The origins of “hard water” came from how difficult it is to do laundry in it.

Soap doesn’t lather. Soap scum and mineral deposits are throughout your home. Hard water reduces the lifespan of appliances and fixtures and costs more money in cleaning products. It also dries your skin and hair.

The Purpose of Water Softeners

To prevent all of the damage that wellwatertest1hard water can do, water softener systems
remove the hardness by trading the hard calcium for soft sodium or potassium. This trading process is called ion exchange. Your water will need to be accurately tested and then the controls set to reflect your particular water conditions.

But it’s your decision and we’re here to help you choose what’s best for you and your family, not push a sale on you. We’re always willing to answer questions and if you want to ask around, please feel free to do so! Contact us today to find out what our systems can do for you.



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